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-   ABOUT US  -

Irvin and Patty Pettit always had a dream of visiting Australia. On December 23, 1994 they brought the benefits of Australia to Northern Michigan. They turned in their 401k and bought 222 acres of an old Christmas tree farm in the small town of Wallin. They were seeking a way to provide their family with healthier foods than what they were getting at the grocery store. Raising emus for the healthy red meat was their solution. To their benefit, the wonderful healing properties of emu oil became a viable, exciting new business venture. They started by sending letters to over 100 businesses, trying to get their product into the market. But the response was minimal. Determined, they set out to local farm markets to sell the product themselves. It started as just the Elberta Farmers Market, one day a week. Quickly it became a different market, every day of the week. Many late nights packaging product and early mornings processing and gardening, they persevered. 

   As the business grew they enlisted the help of their youngest son, Eric and his partner Rosie. With them they brought the wonders of the internet!  Reaching a larger market the farm continues to grow.  Eric and Rosie now live at the farm with their daughter Juniper and tend to the day to day activities.  Irvin and Patty now live on Patty's family property in the Lower Herring Flats just South of Frankfort.  They built a small farm stand along the beautiful Scenic Hwy M22, selling everything produced on the farm as well as goods and vegetables from local farmers.


Wallin Farm is chemical and pesticide free, and the emus are fed on various grasses and non-GMO food. With an MDA certified facility on site, we can guarantee the highest quality of standards and a pure product. Now over 25 years later we are continuing to bring the wonderful benefits of emu to you.

We wouldn't be where we are without the loyalty and support of our customers. We offer 100% money back on all of our products. Make today the day to see if emu oil works for you!

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